Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Counting My Blessings......


Wow! So many sumputuous dishes! Which ones should we select? James discussing
with his father, Johan and wife, Christmin

A gathering of relatives during Chinese New Year

Yew Tien with my beloved brother, Kee Seng

Soh Wah poses with sister Lee Lee

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As I was resting on my bed, enjoying the New Year Chinese Orchestral pieces arranged by my best friend's husband, Phoon Yew Tien, my heart was filled with thanksgiving to the good Lord. I was so happy to go to church with my eldest sister Lee Lee and second brother Kee Seng and second sister Ean Ean and enjoyed the sermon by Pastor Winston Tang. We also enjoyed the lovely hymns and choruses and I am beginning to recognise more Chinese characters on the screen. I am now attending the Mandarin service with sister as I want to improve my Mandarin.

After church, sister Ean Ean wanted to give us a treat at Jack's Place at the new mall, Nex, in Serangoon. The taxi driver, Guna, was amiable and humorous, and I spoke to him in Tamil. Later we blessed him in seven languages, much to his delight. When we alighted he only charged us $6.50 instead of $7.00 and when eldest sister insisted on giving him the difference, he declined. Perhaps it was this little bit of delay that we bumped into my niece, Christmin and her family. They invited us to join them for lunch at Dian Xiao Er, a Cantonese restaurant. Wow! The food was yummy. Their roast duck and stewed pork are really outstanding. Of course, on occasions like this, I would forget about my usual diet and enjoy what is laid before me, though I eat in very small quantities.

Since my illness, so many friends and relatives have visited me and given me so many gifts. There are more friends who want to visit me and I have to arrange for them to do so, probably after the Chinese New Year, as I am quite exhausted. Nowadays I feel more easily tired, but my heart is full of thanksgiving for every day that I can breathe.

Gan Cao

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