Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Singaporeans Are So Blessed.....

Yesterday, I was at Gleneages Hospital with my second elder sister, Ean Ean. After my blood test, we went down to the lobby of Gleneagles Hospital to take a rest because it would be another two and a half hours before my results would be ready for Dr. Wong to determine whether I could have a session of chemotherapy. Eldest
sister had prepared some cooked vegeables as well as two other types of raw vegetables which I was supposed to add onto the cooked vegetables. At noon, my sister went to the food court for lunch, but I decided to carry on my lunch of vegeables at the lobby. As it was during peak hours, I did not want to deprive someone of a much needed seat at the food court.

The customer service officer was watching me with interest and smiled and commented that the food I was eating certainly looked healthy. Some ladies at the nearby sofas also smiled at me, and I found out that they were from Indonesia, seeking treatment at the hospital. After they left, two more ladies occupied their seats, and this time I found out that they were from Thailand, also seeking treatment at the same hospital. I also found out that they paid an enormous sum of money for specialist treatment. One of them told me that her father had just undergone heart surgery, and the sum was phenomenal.

All of a sudden, I felt that we Singaporeans are so blessed. We can have a choice of seeking public or private hospital treatment. I am only at Gleneagles because my insurance covers my treatment; otherwise, I would be happy to continue my treatment at the National Cancer Centre where the service is also excellent. However, in another month when my insurance no longer covers the consultation, medicine and tests, I might revert to National Cancer Centre where I can receive 65% subsidy from the government. As an ex-champion blood donor, the Blood Bank is giving me some subsidy on my treatment!

Being sick is bad enough; having to take the plane and fly for hours is even worse. We Singaporeans can receive medical treatment at our doorstop. Let us count our blessings and name them one by one!

Gan Cao

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