Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Irony of Weight Loss.......

And there I was! Jumping, kicking, and walking back all the way home from Dhoby Ghaut to my apartment in Little India - yet I did not seem to lose as much as one kg!
And here I am, 25 kgs lighter from my heaviest of 90kg. Another 5 kgs loss, and I
would be two thirds of my usual size. Since I was diagnosed with cancer, I had lost a total of 22.7kgs, all within 2 months! I guess the upside of having cancer is the welcome weight loss. One need not have to do anything and the weight loss comes naturally!

I looked at my little toes and noticed that they too have become smaller and more wrinkled. I want to laugh each time I see them - the many wrinkles made the toes
look like webbed feet. They look kind of funny yet cute. My skin on my arms and thighs also have wrinkles and they remind me of dried olives. Thank God that the only place without wrinkles is the face which still remains taut and smooth.

I remember the first time, the doctor at the Polyclinic had advised me to do something about my weight loss and he recommended me the weight loss clinic at
Alexander. After all the counselling and gym workouts, I only managed to lose 2 kg out of my 88.8kg. Since then for many months, my weight remained around 87.4kg. No matter how I jumped and kicked, the weighing scale refused to budge.! My best friend, Soh Wah brought me to London Weight Management, and we were asked to try some coffee. Now with my illness, I am giving my coffee all to Soh Wah because I would no longer need it.

Of course, now with my loss of weight, eldest sister is worried and tries to coerce me to drink lots of healthy fruit drinks and soup, and eat vegetable dishes everyday.

If only losing weight is this easy also for healthy people.!
Gan Cao

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