Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Scrabble Enthusiast .....


Scrabble - second sister Ean Ean's favourite game

Sis with her champion smile. Playing with her is my best friend, Geok Sim
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My second sister, Ean Ean is a scrabble enthusiast. She can play the game everyday
without getting tired. Needless to say, after playing scrabble for so long, she knows every strategy to score the highest marks! She is excellent in the game.

Since sister Ean Ean has come to stay with me for almost the past two months because of my illness, we have been playing scabble almost everyday, except on those days when I am very exhausted and unwell, and have to go to bed very early. Eldest sister Lee Lee would be very protective of me, and often reminds me to go to bed early. Hence, Ean and I decide to sometimes play the game in the afternoon if I am not too tired. She wins most of the time, and I heard, she also wins most of the time when she plays with her buddies in Melbourne.

I have suggested that sister Ean Ean should perhaps think of competing in the world scrabble championship, but she humbly declines, saying that she is not good enough yet.

My sister's advice is for more elderly folks to take an interest in scrabble, because it helps to keep the mind active.

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