Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Benefits of Weight Loss.....

Now with a loss of 23 kgs, I realised it has caused less of a strain on my back and
left leg when I walk. Amazing, with 23 kgs overweight, it means that I have been
carrying 4 bags of 5kgs of rice everyday! And that is a lot to carry everyday!

I remember when I was climbing the lower rungs of Mount Everest in Nepal, it was such a tedious climb for most of us. Yet, I saw how the slim Nepali ladies were able
to carry with them on their backs 20 kgs of rice up the mountain.! It was really a sight to behold. Till now the scene has been etched in my memory! It was really a
case of mind over matter.

I am now determined to lose weight till 55 kgs, my ideal weight. It does not pay now to be overweight, for excess weight brings about so many health problems - diabetes, palpitation of the heart, hypertension, etc. It also makes us look less good and we have to avoid certain types of clothes which are not suitable for us.

So let us all fight the battle of the buldge, and avoid fast foods like KFC, MacDonalds, etc. Let us take healthy home cooked food. If we have to eat out, let us minimize the number of times. My best friend, Sim, shared how whenever she had to
dine out a lot because of company functions, during weekends, she would ask her mum
to cook simple porridge for her lunch and dinner. One cannot continue eating rich
foods all the time.

Gan Cao

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yann said...

In this case, you don't have black all the time. Try bright and light colours! :)