Friday, February 18, 2011

My Caring Niece

My beloved niece, Yann, called me from Kuala Lumpur last night. She was concerned that of late, I had not been updating my blog. Hence, she concluded that I might not
be well.

I told her that I had been very busy with work. I had been guiding my team members
in their real estate work. Thank God, that my team members are doing very well, and we are quite on target with our sales quota.

I had also just sold my neighbour's flat. Unlike private housing, public housing requires more work. I had to help my client apply for a bank loan, and to see to the details of appointments, etc.

Yann shared with me details of their flight to Chicago for her sister, Tyng's wedding. She had a good deal from Malaysian Airline System for the group tickets which she purchased for herself, two daughters, parents and brother. I am glad they are all able to attend Tyng's wedding. It is a pity that I could not join them as the flight would be too long for me. Moreover, I can attend Tyng's wedding celebration in Penang this coming December. Something to really look forward to.

I thank God for my two beautiful and caring nieces, Yann and her sister, Tyng. I thank God too that Tyng has found a good and ideal life partner, and would be settling down in the States.

Gan Cao

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