Thursday, February 03, 2011

When Organs No Longer Fall Apart .......the Liver Has Stabilised!

I had to see Dr. Karmen Wong on the 1st of February. She is a very conscientious and careful doctor and wanted to check on my blood condition before she flies off to
Hong Kong to see her parents and to spend the Lunar New Year Holidays.

Dr. Wong was extremely pleased when she announced with a sense of triumph - my liver is now stabilised. Out of the five organs, Dr. Wong is most concerned about my liver, because it is also the mostly badly affected organ. Yesterday I received an email from my ex-violin teacher and he asked after me and hoped that my operation was a success. I replied Mr. Yan that it was impossible for the doctor to operate on my liver because of the massive lesions. However, now with treatment and a healthy diet, my liver has stabilised. What a piece of great news for Chinese New Year. No longer, is the cloud of uncertainty looming over my head. The air is clear and once my liver has stabilised it is easier to receive chemotherapy.

Praise God for His abundant blessings! It would be extremely good news for my siblings and relatives to hear when they arrive in Singapore on Chinese New Year eve.!

Gan Cao

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