Friday, February 04, 2011

What A Wonderful New Year Celebration......


Christmin with husband James and three kids, Jonathan, Jovien and Jethro,

Keong with wife, Kee Ling and two kids - Johnson and Khai Wern - all from Penang.

Giving thanks for the food by brother-in-law, Rev. Wong from Sarawak. On his right is my beloved brother Kee Seng,
(from Penang) and on the left is my sister Ean Ean from Melbourne.

Taking a pose with grand-niece, Zen, Esther and Yann - they come all the way from Kuala Lumpur by bus!
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This year, I must be one of the happiest in Singapore. Because of my illness, all my
relatives decide to converge at Singapore to celebrate the Lunar New Year together. You may think it is not a big deal....almost everyone in Singapore does that. But when you think that my relatives come from different parts of the world ....then it is a big and happy deal! :-)

Eldest sister is the food coordinator and she herself prepared the most number of dishes. Her seaweed roll did not only look attractive but was delicious as well. My sister-in-law also prepreared some dishes, while my nieces, Christmin and Dea also brought dishes along to share. What a feast! Certainly better than eating out at a restaurant. There were 22 of us and my only invited guest was my best friend,
Amu. Amu always like Chinese food, and at the end of the party, she was able to pack some food for her younger sister, Maya and family. They too were having their own little party.

When our family gather together there will always be plenty of noise and music! Phoebe and Sophia did a dance item - Nobody, nobody but you! Brother and his wife did a dance number. Samuel played the violin with my sister Ean Ean. Christmin and her children did a song item. Amu moved the audience with her speech when she shared about our bosom friendship. My nephew Samuel shared that he learnt from me that one could still give even when one does not have much.

It was a party that everyone enjoyed, and which everyone felt he had something to take home with all the sharing. I pray and hope that I can recover sufficiently and fast, so that the following year, I would be able to travel to Penang for the Lunar New Year celebration.

Gan Cao

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