Wednesday, February 02, 2011

When Organs Fall Apart .......Body Temperature Also Changes...

I used to be unable to tolerate heat and wearing a jacket for me was also unheard of. Even when travelling around Israel and China in December, I did not feel the cold, and often ended up lending my coat to fellow travellers in my group.

However, of late, I realised I felt cold easily. Just two days ago, when it had rained the whole day, I felt extremely cold, and when we went to see Dr. Karmen I almost wanted to laugh at myself - I looked like I was dressed up for winter! I was relieved to be able to wear a jacket I had bought when I was on vacation in Taiwan, and it was ideal because it was a sleeveless jacket and hence it would be easier for the nurse to take my blood for the tests.

As it was was very windy in my apartment, I saw the thermometer reading was only 22 deg. Celsius. Even second sister, Ean Ean, who hailed from Melbourne felt the chill.
She was somewhat surprised that it could be that cold in Singapore!

At least now, I do not easily break out into beads of perspiration. It is indeed a nice change to keep dry and to be able to dress up a little more in vogue with "winter" clothings in Singapore!! Now again.....back to my whimsical thinking.....will it be ever cold enough to snow one day in Singapore???

Gan Cao

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