Monday, January 11, 2010

Double Celebration on New Year's Eve......


Pretty little Gloria feeling a little bashful with papa, Samuel looking on.
Aunty Helen is carrying her adopted puppy.

Front row from left to right - Irin, Phoebe, Sophia, Gloria, Dea.
Back row - Debra, Joanne, Helen and Samuel
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31st December 2009 was one of those very rare days that I was in Singapore! For it seems to me that somehow, on 31st December, I was in other parts of the world, except in Singapore! I rememmber in 1999, I was in Toronto for my nephew, Lei's wedding, and in 2006 I was in Taiwan, bumping around on my own for the very first time! The rest of the other time on new year's eve was spent either in Penang, Kuching or Melbourne.

Hence, I decided to invite my nephew Samuel and his family to come over to celebrate the year end and also to celebrate Gloria, Samuel and Aunty Helen's birthday which fall in the month of December. Aunty Helen's birthday is exactly on 31st December. Also, as Sam's children are dog lovers, I thought it would be great if they could see the puppies in December rather than in February during Chinese New Year, for the puppies are growing bigger and bigger.

I also invited my neighbour Irin, and would have loved to invite Wendy, but she was in India. Since, we are all dog lovers, Irin's dogs, Bobby and Bibi and their four little pups, Brian, Brandon, Angel and Juno must also join in the fun. The other two puppies have been adopted by Irin's god sister who lives in Sengkang.

Aunty Helen cooked her signature dish, glutinous rice with mushrooms, dried prawns, sausage and a host of other ingredients. I cooked some spaghetti bolognaise, sotong balls, porridge, (Penang style) etc.

31st December is always a special day for it marks the end of the old year and the commencement of 365 forthcoming days!

May we all reflect on the past 365 days and cherish our successes and remember our mistakes so that we can all grow wiser and stronger. Always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! It is also vital to be cheerful and optimistic, for somehow optimism attracts the sun's rays rather than the clouds!

May the remaining 354 days in 2010 be days of great blessings from the One above,
and in Him we trust!

Gan Cao

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