Saturday, January 30, 2010

Excuse Me, Are You A Property Agent... (16)

After telephoning the bank's lawyer, Ms. Tan, I rushed down to her office at Shenton Way with my client's option. She was coming down to the lawyer's office to sign the Option to Exercise and to pass the cheques for payment of stamp duty as well.

As the day was hot and sultry, I felt somewhat flustered. My cheeks would turn rosy whenever I was feeling warm, and even the blind could see I was exhausted and warm.
Hence, the thoughtful secretary, Linda, asked if I would like a drink. "Yes, please a cold drink, thank you", and I proceeded to read the newspapers while waiting for Linda to get ready her paper work. I had volunteered to deliver the signed Option and lawyers' letter to the vendors' lawyers at Peninsular Plaza. The glass of very cold plain water tasted so heavenly, and I kept thanking the staff at the reception.
"Would you like another glass?". "Oh! No thanks, this is great!"

After collecting the letter, I rushed down to the POSB at Tanjong Pagar, to put in a cheque for my client, Mdm. Jane Tan. I wanted to catch the collection time before 3.30p.m. It was still early and I saw some lovely housecoats on sale and bought two for my sister. I decided to take bus 80 instead of the MRT for I thought it would be untimely should the MRT were to breakdown. At least, if the bus were to break down, I could still hail for a taxi. I had to be at the office of the vendor's lawyer before 4p.m.

Hip! Hip! Hooray! I arrived 15 minutes early! My heart is full of gratitude to Ms. Tan and her secretary, Linda, for their efficiency and helpfulness. Lee Bon Leong law firm acts for many banks, and hence, my client will have more option to choose the bank she is most comfortable with.

I am also amazed with my client, Geok Sim. She is one cool lady, who is serene and efficient. When I see her, I understand why people say that ladies are generally able to take stress better than men. Of course, you have some men who also handle stress very well. For example, my beloved father and brothers Kee Seng and Kee Yong. Generally, ladies may be weaker physically, but stronger mentally and emotionally. Thank you Lord for your special endowment so that we ladies could be there for the men! :-)

Gan Cao

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