Thursday, January 28, 2010

Row, row, row your boat.....


Sis-in-law Saw Kim standing behind the first row.

Sis Lee Lee with her husband, Stephen sitting on the second row.

Can you guess the name of the majestic hotel along the river.? It's the Fullerton! It was once the General Post Office.

Boat Quay, once an old godown, is now bustling with tourists.

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You guess it! My favourite haunts are Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. Whenever I have guests from overseas, I would bring them for a boat ride. It is a half hour ride from Clarke Quay and plies all the way along Boat Quay and then the Marina Bay area,
where the Merlion could be seen.

Happiness is feeling the breeze on your face as the boat moves along. Happiness is
seeing Singapore looking very pretty and glowing with neon lights everywhere. Happiness is seeing the iconic Merlion spouting water as tourists gather around to take photos. Sometimes you could even see a full moon with its golden splendour.

I guess if I were papa's son, I might join the Navy as I enjoy the sea breeze and the open space.

In the meanwhile, I am just contented going on boat rides along Singapore River and never getting tired of it. Row, row, row your boat.....

Gan Cao

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