Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FooD! GloriouS FooD !


The cold dish platter at Daniel and Jacelyn's wedding dinner is much bigger
than most servings in Singapore!

Delicious steamed fish

The signature dish of Bamboo Restaurant

"Peek-a-boo"! By golly! It's a succulent chicken bathing itself in
hot, herbal, aromatic gravy!

Eating in Johore is simply wonderful - cheap and good! I was surprised that the sumptuous wedding dinner with 8 courses of food cost only about MR430! The food was not only delicious, but the servings were generous. Dinner for weddings in Singapore usually start from at least S$800/- per table! Most are priced above
$1,000/- per table.

We had lunch at Bamboo Restaurant the following day. With so many dishes on the table, I was pleasantly surprised that lunch for fourteen of us cost only MR232!

I told my siblings and relatives about the reunion dinner that costs S$2,000 per head in Singapore! Hence it would cost S$20,000 for a table of ten! Are some of the food plated with gold.? Eldest sister Lee Lee said that it would be hard to stomach such expensive food when half the world is filled with starving people. In comparison, eating out in Malaysia, is so much cheaper than in Singapore! Since I won't be going back to Penang this Chinese New Year, I have already planned to have a reunion dinner in Johore with my relatives, and the restaurant's eight course dinner with sharks' fin cost only MR298!

My relatives suggested that perhaps Singaporeans should host their wedding dinner in Johore. However, if someone were to do that, probably half of his guests might not be able to turn up! Morever, as Singaporeans we have to support our local economy.

At the end of the day, we can conclude that every country has her own strength and plus points. No matter how cheap the food is in Johore, I would not purposely make a trip there to eat. Though Johore is Singapore's nearest neighbour, travelling there takes up too much time. At the end of the day, I am quite happy eating a simple home cooked meal before my favourite television program in the cool comfort of home sweet home.!

Gan Cao

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