Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Precious Meeting......


On my left is my beloved cousin, Nancy and on my right is my beloved koko Kee Seng.
Next to Kee Seng, is my favourite - Girlie, Nancy's daughter.

Girlie with her sister-in-law and brother, June.

Aren't the children cute? Pretty Grace is flanked by two little adorable

Toasting and serving of tea are important features in a Chinese wedding

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When I arrived at Penang, I was pleasantly surprised to hear of a relative's wedding.
Since my sister-in-law, Saw Kim was unable to attend as my nieces and family were arriving Penang in the evening, I went to the dinner with brother Kee Seng instead.
At the wedding dinner, my intake of food was limited as my tummy was already half-filled with joyful laughter! My cousin Nancy and koko Kee Seng are natural jokers!
Koko is usually quite quiet, but when he is in one of his relaxed state of mind, he thrills his audience with his anecdotes!

I have been away from Malaysia for so many years, and have little contact with other relatives other than my siblings and their families. Hence, I was quite excited to be able to catch up with those I have not seen for a long time. Also as I am the youngest with relatives who are much older than me, it is as if I was meeting them for the first time! I enjoyed the company of my relatives, especially cousin Nancy and her family. Amazing how time flies! As our parents have passed away, it is important to connect with each other and to meet with the younger generation. I am happy to see my relatives doing well.

I was glad to have arrived Penang at a good timing, and had the precious opportunity
to meet up with relatives and old friends! I love the people in Penang for they are friendly, warm and hospitable.

Gan Cao

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