Monday, January 18, 2010

Much Ado About Daniel


Daniel with his bride, parents, sister Esther, Samuel and Henry with their families

A photo taken with relatives from all over Singapore, Australia, America and Malaysia

Daniel's proudest moment - with his God's given lovely partner, Jacelyn

"I must empty this bowl of delicious soup before I leave", decided Yann's little
daughter, Yap Ning

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What a celebration.! My heart is thankful to the Lord for having provided Daniel with a lovely wife in Jacelyn. He met Jacelyn while both were studying in the Bible College in Kuala Lumpur. Daniel is the second son of my sister Lee Lee. He is now pastoring a church in Johore. He is a living testimony of God's grace. When Daniel was seven his playmate accidentally knocked against him while jumping down from the bed. Daniel was on the floor playing chess with another friend. His friend landed on him causing his head to knock against the bed. Daniel was in coma for a month and when he woke up, he could barely talk and walk. After months of care, he gradually recovered, but lost a year in schooling. Seeing him preach and mesmerising his audience with his sermons in the church fills my heart with joy and gratitude.

Daniel held his wedding in Kuching a week ago. This time, the dinner celebration was held at Johore for friends and relatives living in West Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of the world.

My nieces performed a lovely dance which was choreographed by Sister Lee Lee, and after the dance, Samuel's four daughters sang an oldie, "I love you more than I can say". After that Sister sang "Bangawan Solo" which was followed by my second brother and his wife with their powerful rendition of "Shanghai Bund." etc. I will write more about the concert time in the next blog.

May Daniel and Jacelyn's marital life be filled with joy and purpose, and may the Lord continue to bless them as they serve Him in the church.

Gan Cao

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