Monday, February 01, 2010

Cakes, Glorious Cakes!


Here comes the bride! With her groom beside!

Are those sushis? Oh! No! It is Dr. Dennis Wee's birthday cake !

Cakes that are too pretty to be eaten!

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I am not someone who is good with crafts and handiworks. Obviously I lack in talent and patience. Hence, I always admire all works of arts and crafts. I guess I could say that I enjoy window shopping more than actual shopping. Each time I pass by a cake shop, I would stop for a few minutes to admire the beautifully decorated cakes. I never fail to be amazed by the lovely decorations on the cakes. Of course, if I need to buy a birthday cake for someone, then I would be a patron. Otherwise, it is incredible how strong I am to resist temptation.

I suppose after having looked at the cakes for a while, I feel kind of satiated. More often than not, the cakes look too pretty to be eaten, and I am contented with just admiring them.

When I was a student in Canada, I baked many cakes, especially birthday cakes for friends. I could make simple decorations but nothing like the decorations in the above pictures. In Canada, things are more costly, especially when we have to convert Malaysian dollars to Canadian dollars. Hence I was extremely frugal and ended up learning many things - making cakes, pizzas, creating my own recipes, etc.

Since I came back to Malaysia, I had not baked a single cake! It is cheaper and easier to buy cakes and if I were to bake my own cakes, it would be hard for me to
resist temptation, and I would get a chiding from my waistline if it could speak!

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