Saturday, February 06, 2010

Today's Precocious Kids


I was waiting for the train at the Little India MRT. It was my usual time for my weekly violin lessons at the Braddel Heights Community Centre. I saw two little boys who looked alike - obviously a pair of twins. Both were carrying seemingly heavy backpacks which looked somewhat oversized on their small frames. One of the twins was engrossed with his comics and another was carrying a bag as well as a guitar in a case. I guess he would also want to read if his hands were not encumbered. I smiled, and asked him if he was learning the guitar. Both boys had "ACS" badges on.

I was happy to see one of the twins engrossed with his reading even while in the train. With so much competition from computers, games, sports, etc. I am glad to see children reading. One of my friends has complained that her daughter does not enjoy reading. My best friend, Soh Wah, is very fortunate that her two sons enjoy reading. When a child reads, he will improve in his language very effectively. From the way my students write and speak, I can tell whether they enjoy reading. The flow of language and the usage of words can reveal how much a student is reading.

Looking at the little boy in the train made me reminisce my childhood days. Reading was and still is my favourite hobby. I remember how mama would often ask me to run errands everyday, and often I would take my book along with me, as I was so engrossed with my reading. Once I asked the grocer to remember to shake the container of rice, so that more could be packed in, and soon the grocers realised that despite my engrossed reading, I would be sharp enough to watch them from the corner of my eyes. I loved papa so much that I would not allow anyone to deprive him even of one grain of rice!

I guess today's kids are even more precocious for they are exposed to more opportunities for learning. I hope every parent would encourage his child to read, for reading maketh a learned man.

Gan Cao

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