Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First New Year Celebration in Johore!


Chinese New Year gifts all nicely wrapped up for distribution.

Sophia and Phoebe in their new "Hello Kitty" Chinese outfits

Yu Sheng tossing for blessings before the dinner proper!

Together we feast, united we stand!

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Every year, I usually celebrate Chinese New Year either in Penang or other parts of the world. This year, I decided to celebrate the Lunar New Year with my nephews, Samuel and Daniel together with their families in Johore. It was even more wonderful that my niece, Esther, who works in Kuala Lumpur could join us this year.

Instead of buying food stuffs as gifts, I decided to buy clothes for my relatives.
I was glad that I could buy the Chinese outfits with "Hello Kitty" logo at half the price at the Pasar Malam stores. They cost so much more in the departmental stores!
Same brand; same quality! I had a fun time wrapping the gifts in red paper wrappers - felt like a second Christmas!

The food at Bamboo Restaurant at Skudai was excellent. The servings were reasonably huge and the food was tasty. Despite the crowd, the service was prompt and efficient. Best of all, the chefs were still able to retain the quality of food.

After the sumptuous dinner we gathered together at Daniel's apartment and played games. Some families joined us after their reunion dinner. The children especially were most excited with the prospect of winning prizes in the games. Samuel, Daniel and I were the leaders for the various games.

It was certainly a memorable Chinese New Year celebration, especially for my relatives who are living in different parts of the world. Best of all, the jam at the Causeway was not too bad. Things are certainly improving!

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