Saturday, February 20, 2010

Handling Stress - the Doggy Way


"Handle Every Stressful Situation Like A Dog.
If You Can't Eat It Or Play With It..
Just Pee On It And Walk Away..!"

A friend from the Toastmasters' Club, Pradeep, sent me the above email. I smiled when I read it, because it reminded me of the stray dog, Orbit, which always roamed
around the Killiney Road/River Valley area. When Orbit was tired of roaming around, he would take refuge at the old Mitre Hotel, where Mr. Chiam would sometimes give him some food.

Once I decided to put the remaining uneaten food in a container, hoping to give the food to Orbit. For some strange reasons, the staff food cooked by my chef was not tasty. I guess the chef must have been in an unusually bad mood.

Hence, when Amu and I spotted Orbit, we were very happy and put the container of food under a tree. We moved away because Orbit was a shy dog, and would not go near the food unless we were a distance away.

To our surprise, Orbit sniffed at the food and did not eat it. He lifted one of his hind legs and urinated on it! Then he walked away, cool as cucumber!

Amu and I could not help laughing! Even Orbit could tell that the food was not tasty with just one sniff! He showed his doggy arrogance and nonchalance by urinating on the food! No argument1 No snarling! No showing of doggy fangs!

I guess we should all learn to handle stress like Orbit. No ranting and raving!
Cool and calm!

Gan Cao

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