Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Spring Time !


Chinatown in Singapore

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

A stall with its colorful paraphernalia!

Chinatown is always packed with shoppers getting ready to usher in the New Year

I asked eldest Sister Lee Lee to go to Chinatown to see all the cheerful pink flowers "in bloom".

"No, I don't like to look at fake flowers!" asserted my eldest sis.

"Aiya Chieh Chieh. Boh hu, heh ah si ho!", I said in Hokkien dialect, meaning in direct translation, "No fish, prawns also good." We make do with what we have and find contentment with an alternative replacement. I love cherry blossoms. The massive bloom of beautiful pink flowers seems to make the whole atmosphere so cheerful and gives an air of hope and optimism! Is this the reason why the lunar
New Year always coincides with the spring season?

I always miss the four seasons which I had enjoyed so much when I was studying in Canada. I am glad that this year, Chinatown is full of cherry blossoms! Mind you, they are not cheap. A stalk of fake cherry blossoms costs about $11.00! Can you imagine how much the whole tree will cost!

Spring, a time of rebirth,
a time of hope!

Gan Cao

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