Thursday, February 04, 2010

Excuse Me, Are You a Property Agent? .....(19)

"Why don't you live in a condominium?", asked a client while we were on the way to view another property. She was driving a lovely BMW and gave me a ride as she was
not sure of the route. My partner, Dickson tailed us in his car.

"I enjoy living in my little HDB flat which is often so breezy that I seldom have to turn on the airconditioning. I don't play squash or tennis and have a phobia for water - hence it does not make sense for me to live in a condominium and end up paying for the facilities which I might not use. Perhaps I could only use the gym and I hardly see ping pong tables or badminton courts in condominiums. The only games I could play reasonably well are ping pong and badminton.

This is probably why I decided to join the Raffles Town Club as a member. The membership was affordable and the monthly maintenance at about $80 is much better than the maintenance for condominium living I would have to pay. Most of the maintenance/singking funds in condominiums are usually above $200 a month. Morever the club is only about 5 bus stops away from my home. There was once when I even walked back home from the Club. A new MRT station near the club would be operational in about 4 to 5 years time. It is only 3 stops away from the Little India MRT.

Moreover at the Town Club, I could also invite friends, relatives and clients to use the gym, pool, dance room and have lunch or dinner at any of the few restaurants in the Club. I can also invite my friends to watch free movies at the Club.

I enjoy marketing my clients' lovely and luxurious properties and I feel happy for them. To each his own lifestyle. The most important question is to ask if we are truly happy. Happiness to me is being frugal so that I have more to share with others. Happiness is being contented and grateful to the One up there, and to be appreciative of people who have helped us in any way, no matter how seemingly insignificant. My beloved papa had always taught us never to take things or people for granted.

Gan Cao

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