Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Room to Receive When We Give Out .....


The lovely tower of canisters which I bought for $50

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One of my friends had given me quite a large and pretty dish where I could put the various Chinese New Year goodies on each tray. However, as it was quite big and I often travelled during the lunar New Year, I decided to give the gift away to a friend.

This year, I would be spending the lunar New Year in Singapore, and would be expecting some guests in my home. I wondered if I should buy some little trays to put the new year goodies or just to put them in different small plates which I already have. I dislike buying things which will eventually become white elephants.

Hence I had a pleasant surprise when I found out that our company was having a trade fair for the graduating group of students in our real estate training course. During the fair, various groups would try to market their services/goods and we would be the patrons. We would use the fake money given to us in order to purchase the goods or services. Just as I enetered the training room, someone shouted out,
"Who wants to buy my tower of canisters? Only $50/-". Of course, I bought it without hesitation, much to the disappointment of my colleagues who also wanted to purchase it, but was a tad too slow.

I never cease to be amazed by how God always knows my needs. I guess when we do not hoard and give out to others, there will always be room to recieve. Like the Sea of Galilea which gives out its waters to the lakes on the lower part of the land, the water will always remain fresh and teem with abundance of fishes and marine life.

Gan Cao

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