Sunday, February 07, 2010

The new Eco Mall at City Square !


The lovely main entrace at street level

The interesting maze for shoppers to try figuring out!

Superb line dancers of all ages and races at the Mall
Artistes in ancient costumes giving out free gold coin chocolates to shoppers!

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My second sister Ean Ean from Melbourne had been to the new Eco Mall at City Square when she was in Singapore for a short vacation. And so had my eldest sister Lee Lee, her husband and my eldest sister-in-law, Saw Kim who recently visited me in
Singapore. My nephew, Samuel and his family from Johore, had also been to the Mall.

My relatives were kind of surprised that I had yet to visit City Square Mall, even though it is a stone's throw from my apartment. Hence, yesterday, I decided to visit the Mall once and for all! My bus overshot by one bus-stop, and I decided to walk to the Mall. I passed by interesting buildings and discovered a French restaurant which I had read about in the papers. " time, will bring some friends to try out the French cuisine," I thought to myself.

Wow! First I walked through a maze and heard some music. I was delighted to find a group of people doing line dancing. Some of them could dance really well like professionals. I decided to do some shopping as my relatives would be visiting me from Malaysia this coming celebration. NTUC Supermarket looks impressive with its various display of goods. There were even fake flowers on sale which are not found in other outlets.

I decided to take an early dinner at the Banquet Food Court and tried some Japanese food. The delicious salmon and chicken set is quite reasonably priced at $5.90. The vendors are quite generous in their servings. No wonder Sister Lee Lee had raved about the food!

Since I had brought with me a bag with wheels, I asked the goods to be put in my bag. Hence, NTUC did not have to give me plastic bags. Since I was shopping at an Eco Mall, let me go green too. I decided to take the MRT this time even though Little India station is one stop away. I wanted to find out the exit to the mall.
I also wanted to be back home in time for my favourite weekend Korean serial, "Glory of the Family".

I have chosen to live in Little India so that I could resist the temptation of food. I hardly patronise the Indian restaurants near my apartment. Nevertheless, my friend, Sally, was absolutely right when she said, I could easily hop into the MRT and go to every corner of Singapore to try good food! "Live! Work! Play! has been the tag line of the authorities to make Singapore an attractive place to dwell in. I guess, now the authorities have to add one more,

"Live! Work! Play! Eat!
Remember to always keep fit!"

Bon appetit! Sedap makan! Enjoy your food!

Gan Cao

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