Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy New Year!

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Last year was a seemingly tough year, yet we all survived by the grace of God. For some of us, we not only survived, but we enjoyed abundant blessings from the One above. Hence it is with gratitude and appreciation that we say "thank you" to God and to our friends and fellowmen who have been there for us.

For the first time, I am leaving for Johore in a couple of hours' time to spend the New Year Eve with my beloved nephews and their families! So here is Choo wishing all her readers a very happy and blessed lunar New Year. May all our friends of different nationalities in Singapore and throughout the world join us in our celebration as we usher in the New Year! May everyone be richly blessed in 2010!


Keong Hee Huat Chye! Gong xi fa cai!
Ang pao jit pao lai! Hong bao yi bao lai!
Kin ni tua huat chye! Jin nian ta fa cai!
Tarn lui eng eng lai! Chuan chien rong yi lai!

Happy and prosperous new year!
An ang pow for me, my dear!
This year, sure to prosper,
Lots of wealth to garner!

Selamat Hari Raya!
Ang pow, sila beri saya!
Tahun ini lebih banyak kaya,
Cari wang dengan teliti, pun tak payah!

Une bien Heureuse Annee!
Ang pow venez venez!
Une annee ou les affaires
Aisement prosperent prosperent!

सुखी और समृद्ध नए वर्ष!
धन देने, मेरा प्रिय है! इस वर्ष,
निश्चित रूप से सफल होना,
बहुतबडी संख्या में धन

Sukhi aur Samruddh Naya Varsh!
Dhan dena, Mera Priy hai!
Is Varsh, Nischit rup se safal hona,
bahut badi sankhya me dhan ektra karne ke liye !

Gan Cao

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