Friday, February 05, 2010

Happiness is ......(28)


Little Roxy is camera shy

Got you! You cute little doggie!

I was on my way to my client's unit at Gardenville when I met this lovely Caucasian lady walking her equally lovely, cute and adorable little pug. Roxy has that intense look and her whole expression makes her look very cute. On the one hand,
she was curious to know me, and yet on the other hand, she was shy and afraid. Hence her reaction of coming towards me, and then retreating made her look even more cute and adorable.

I laughed because Roxy reminded me so much of my beloved Toby who had since flown back to Dubai. Till now, Gayatri has been too busy to email me Toby's latest photo. Roxy is thinner than Toby and has jet black fur, which means that she is a very healthy little pug.

After that first meeting, I was not able to meet Roxy. I regretted not having my camera with me then. Yesterday, I asked the security guard if he had seen a Caucasian lady walking a little black pug. The security guard shook his head.
As I was walking out of the condominium towards my bus stop, I prayed, "Oh Lord! Please let me meet little Roxy again!"

Just then, I heard a little barking, and I turned my head, and lo and behold there was little Roxy!

I was so happy and patted little Roxy. "I miss you!", and Roxy as usual, came forward and retreated when she suddenly became shy. Her owner, Jenny and I laughed. Jenny shared that she had flown Roxy over from Australia as her husband is now working in Singapore. Roxy is now three years old. I always respect owners who do not abandon their pets because of inconvenience.

I walked towards the bus stop, smiling at everyone I met on the road! Meeting Roxy had made my day, and the realisation that God loves us so much that He would answer even small, seemingly insignificant prayers!

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