Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank You !

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, 'thank you,' that would suffice." -- Meister Eckhart

Meister Eckhart has put in succinctly one sentence that summarizes the importance of gratitude. When a person is grateful, it means he is aware of his need of help from God and fellowmen.

Only two words in "thank you", yet for some people, it is not their habit to utter those words. I once read a letter in the New Paper and the writer complained that some commuters did not even bother to thank him when he got up from his seat in the bus or train.

Mama was one lady for whom the word "thank you" was hardly heard. Where mama was concerned, silence implied consent. My siblings and I grew up, realising that if mama was quiet, it meant approval. On the other hand, papa was most expressive. When I did little favours for him, he would thank me profusely! "Thank you, my precious one," papa would say, and it left his youngest daughter beaming with joy the whole day long! There is so much power in those two words!

Some people enhance their thanks with tangible gifts. Every year during Chinese New Year, I show my thanks to the cleaner and postman with small angpows (red packets) to show my appreciation. They clean our block and deliver our letters, rain or shine, and best of all, perform their duties cheerfully.

My eldest sister Lee Lee shared with me that her best friend, Yeh Yen and her husband often thank each other. Is it any wonder that the couple is so loving and considerate towards each other and have stayed married till today?

Every morning, I thank the Lord for everything around me and to make it more fun and creative, I sing and compose the lyrics. Sometimes I would sing to the tune of some Chinese or English songs; at times I would sing "Thank you, thank you Jesus", in different languages. My spirit becomes uplifted and I know I have the strength to weather any storm or hurricane that may arise suddenly during the day!

Give thanks with a grateful heart,
Give thanks.......

Gan Cao


Anonymous said...

Hi Choo Choo,

I would like to thank you for being my agent and friend. Thank you for your help and kindness towards Eugene and myself and all your consistent flow of wonderful emails which brighten my day and stimulate my thoughts.

My late father was not an expressive man but during his dying days, he would thank everyone that visited him. He would even thank my Mum and all his daughters for making his boring life so interesting and rich and for looking after him with extreme care and love. He thanked all the doctors and nurses from the Hospice each time when they visited him. I was very touched by his gesture as he was so sick and yet so grateful to people around him. After he passed away, I went to the Assisi Hospice to return the equipment, leftover medicine and stuff. I wrote a cheque on behalf of our Dad to donate to Assisi Hospice for being so kind towards my Dad. The nurse who attended to my Dad was in tears when she thought about him. The power of gratitude!!!

Jane Tan

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Choo Choo. I couldn't agree more. This would be a good short sermon or talk for church.

James Dunlap
Hong Kong