Monday, February 08, 2010

A Funtastic Chapter Meeting !


Heart-shaped gifts lovingly prepared by the Exco for guests and appointment holders

Gurion, with his creativity and exuberance, never fails to surprise us!

Annie and Tanny singing a duet, Jimmy singing with his guitar,
Prolific writer, Abraham, and Gurion's beloved pet, Sasquatch.

President Catherine presenting the ribbon for Best Evaluator to Adela Goh

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Love was definitely in the air at the Vietnamese Toastmasters' Club's latest chapter meeting! This theme on love is to coincide with an early celebration of Valentine's Day! The seminar room at SMU was filled with colorful heart-shaped balloons, and someone immediately gave me a big red heart-shaped balloon when I stepped inside the room. This was why I decided to bring back the balloon together with a smaller purple balloon. At the bus stop, suddenly my red balloon went "Boomz!" The loud noise gave me a scare and I was sure, if Ris Low were there, she would yell, "That's my kind of boomz!" I prayed hard that the purple balloon would not go "boomz" in the bus or mrt, and I was glad it arrived home with me, safe and in one heartfelt shape!

The attractive table topics master, Alicia Yuan, wrapped up her romantic topics in dainty little paper scrolls with red strings and participants had to pick up the paper scroll from an equally dainty pink bag. With her pinkish red floral dress, she looked very pretty with all the heart-shaped gifts in pink and red on the table.

The members were abuzz with anticipation as their beloved Gurion Ang was the language
evaluator as well as the speaker at the mini workshop on "A Figure of Speech. Gurion Proposes, You Dispose". We were thrilled when suddenly Gurion produced his lovely little pet, rabbit, "Sasquatch". He then asked us to write a phrase or description on Sasquatch. There would be five prizes for the best five description. I always appreciate toastmasters who are not only passionate and helpful, but who also dig into their own pockets to sponsor prizes, gifts and food as well.

I decided to pen a poem instead and was happy to receive a prize from Gurion.


A furry beauty to behold,
With great love from Gurion untold;
Bright eyes oozing with joy and contentment,
With security from Gurion's attachment.

Ruby Nguyen did well for her debut speech, "We are Giants". Albert Nguyen
gave some insight with his topic, "Let's Talk About Love". The audience was curious about Abraham's topic in French, "L'mour sans bordue" (Love without borders). Billy Pham spoke about "The Miracle" while A. Syalabi shared with us
on "Gene Cloning: Getting to know how it's done".

Adela mesmerized the members with her dynamic stage presence and made the audience laugh with her table topics and evaluation. Hence, it was not surprising that she clinched the ribbon awards for the two categories. I was happy to see helpful
Frederick Kok as one of the evaluators.

It was indeed a funtastic chapter meeting. We not only had good speakers, we were also greatly entertained by Annie and Tanny who sang a duet, and Jimmy who sang and played the guitar. I hope toastmasters who live in Singapore will visit the Vietnam Toastmasters' Club one day, and for those who have yet to become a toastmaster, I encourage you to sign up for this amazing training program which will enhance your confidence and public speaking skills.! Each time I visit a club, I learn something new.

May love continue to prevail in this little planet of ours!

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians Chap.13 v. 13)

Gan Cao

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