Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Excuse Me, Are You a Property Agent?.......(18)

Sometimes, I am amazed that while people could trust a doctor almost completely, they would be distrusting of a property agent. Of course, I do not blame them, maybe because of their bad experiences with rogue agents, but then, we also have some rogue doctors as well.....doctors who are careless and negligent, eg. the doctor who amputated the wrong leg, diagnosed wrongly, etc. There are many more unreported cases, simply because the patients could not afford to sue.

A client had viewed a few of my clients' shophouses in Little India and Race Course Road. I had also briefed him on the various properties that might be of interest to him and which would be within his budget of $1.2M. I showed him Pacific Mansion and a very beautiful unit in Mirage Tower. Pacific Mansion was going for $1.05M then, and the tip top unit at Mirage Tower was then $1.2M. A few weeks later, I was somewhat surprised and perplexed when he called me to say that he had bought a unit at Peace Mansion, and asked what I thought about it and if I could help him to sub-sell the unit! I told him that since the agent had assured him that the unit could be sold again before the exercise of option, then he should ask his agent to help him. I would only help clients to sub-sell what I had recommended them to buy, because I could feel the pulse of the property, and sense whether or not the property could be easily disposed of.

Now the Pacific Mansion is going enbloc again, and the owners have received letters from the Management. My client who bought the Mirage Tower has since sold her unit for a tidy profit and she has upgraded to a bigger unit with an extra bedroom at Horizon Towers.

Recently, I helped a client to buy a unit at Pacific Mansion, and we were doing the paper work at the poolside of his condominium. Just then his partner happened to pass by and my client happily told him about his purchase. The partner told him that Pacific Mansion would not go enbloc for it would be impossible for developers to make money. My heart sank momentarily, and when my colleague phoned me, I passed the phone to the buyer. My colleague argued that if everyone of us knows how to calculate, we could all be developers too! The calculation for enbloc is very complicated, and since Pacific Mansion had tried to enbloc a couple of times before in the past, it means there is potential.

I am glad that the buyer did not waver in his decision and is now blessed. Pacific Mansion is now going through another process of enbloc. Interestingly I suddenly received so many calls from previous viewers who realised they had missed the boat!

I have always prayed that if God wants me to close a deal, then I must be able to trust Him for the right property and buyer. Real estate work is stressful enough, and I do not want to add more stress by being anxious and worried. This is why I still have time for my weekly violin lessons and once a month string ensemble practice, toastmaster activities, writers' workshop, blogging, cooking, watching television serials and movies, and travelling.

I guess when we do not worry unnecessarily, we do not become crippled by unnecessary worries and anxiety. We have lots of energy and faith to move on, because we try our best and leave God to do the rest, basking in the confidence, that whether we succeed or fail, we still give Him thanks and praises, for all things work out for good to those who love and trust in Him.

Gan Cao

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