Monday, August 04, 2008

Flower Power


Orchids in full bloom!

Geok Cheng, at the entrance of the exhibition

A host of different hues!

Flowers from Africa are so rich in colour

Flowers! How I love them! Everytime I see flowers, I feel very happy, for I see the great handiworks of the Creator! Every bloom is so beautifully and uniquely created. And what great variety! What a lovely and awesome Creator we have!

Recently, I heard of the flower show in Suntec City. I had attended flower shows in Melbourne, Amsterdam, London and Edmonton, and it would be a crying shame if I do not attend one in my own country! Hence I decided to visit, but as my schedule was heavy, somehow, I procrastinated.

Thanks to Geok Cheng, my friend from Toastmasters, I finally visited the flower show on the last day of the event. Geok Cheng suggested that after the toastmasters' meeting at Caterpillars, we could see the flowers, for her sister had highly recommended it.

The flower show covered two floors. As passion card holders, we were entitled to 20 per cent discount from the $6.00 per entry. In the later part of the afternoon, we bumped into a friend from Toastmasters, Maria Boey. Maria is a brilliant architect and as she is one of the planners of the show, she invited us to join her for the reception. Mr. Mah Bow Tan made the opening address and I learnt how the flower show had wowed many an appreciative visitor. The 8 days show had garnered about 300,000 visitors!

There were different themes and it was wonderful that schools and communites were also involved. There was a section for contestants to display their skills and creativity in floral arrangement. I feel very proud as I walk around the exhibition hall. One of the things that I love about Singapore is that whatever is being carried out, is often done excellently.

For those of you who have missed the show, try not to miss the next one which promises to be even more awesome and exciting.

Gan Chau
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