Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now You See It; Then You Don't!


Lush greenery just outside my bedroom windows!

The thick foliage acts as a natural curtain for my curtainless windows!

Oh where and oh where, have all the leaves gone?

With the foliage gone, now it is brighter and breezier!

The block where I am staying in now is undergoing some upgrading. The new lifts will stop on every floor. The upgrading is greatly welcomed by the residents because it means that there will be no more lugging of luggages or furniture down some flights of stairs. It will also be more convenient for those who are on wheel chairs.

The Authorities are also sprucing up the car park. To my surprise, the patches of green grass have gone and so have the two trees. As you can see from the previous photos, the tall tree reached to almost the sixth floor of the building. It provided some shade and acted like a natural curtain for my otherwise curtainless windows! Now with the trees gone, it has become brighter. However, there is now less privacy.

Amazing how trees can just be chopped down so easily. It takes decades to grow a tree but only a matter of a couple of hours to chop it down! At least this is organised and purposeful cutting of trees to make way for some essential projects.

However, in the world of nature, a whole forest of trees can be razed to the ground in a matter of days when there is a fire. Trees that take years to grow and provide shelter and oxygen to the creatures big and small can be wiped out in just a short time. It fills me with pain when I see animals suffering for want of shelter and food.

Let us all do our part to help preserve and make this world a beautiful place to live in. Men can build houses; the Creator provides natural habitats for His animals, fish, birds and insects. If we cannot help to preserve, at least let us not destroy the beauty of the ocean and forests.!

Gan Chau
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