Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Trees growing Out of the Walls!"


A dilapidated building in town. This building has been left in this condition till trees grow from the walls!

I am currently marketing some conservation houses in Little India and some neighbouring districts.

Ond day, I received a call from a potential buyer. He asked, "Are your properties in fairly good condition? The ones I old until got trees growing from the walls!"

"No problem. Most of my clients' properties are in fairly good condition. Some of them have acnes and pimples; all they need is a good coat of paint and the walls will look bright and smooth again," I assured him. "Some may need a little more work; a facial to straighten out the flaws."

The buyer laughed. "You're such a funny and lively person to talk to. Sure I'll come by and see the properties. I'd like to meet up with you."

One day as I was passing by quite a busy street, I smiled when I saw some trees growing out of the walls of a building. Immediately I recalled my client's conversation with me and I smiled! A little humour helps to lighten up the day.

I feel sad that some people can be such terrible stewards of the things they have. Some of my friends' parents prefer to leave their flats unoccupied rather than rent them out, as it is too "troublesome and inconvenient." Even though they may not need the money, they can always donate and help make life a little better for the underprivileged.

Are your belongings gathering dust or becoming white elephants? Give them away. Do not hoard and hoard. When Mr. Phoon Yew Tian gave me a violin, I decided to give my violin to my client's son so that he can also pick up a new instrument in addition to his drum and guitar. Like the Sea of Galilee, let us remain fresh and vibrant by releasing what we have, so that we have room to receive more.!
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