Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hey, Gurmit! You Also Don't Play, Play....Can?


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I was so happy when I reached the Little India MRT and congratulated myself for being just on time to catch the train to Serangoon where I am having once a month ensemble rehearsal at the Braddell Heights Community Centre.

There were only two of us waiting for the train. It was peak hour....about 6.45p.m. and many passengers alighted at the Little India MRT station. Just as the lady and I were about to enter the train, the doors closed on us!

The lady and I looked at each other, annoyed and perplexed! The train was not crowded since many passengers had alighted. "Hey Gurmit, we let you and and friends come out first, but now we have no chance to get into the train! Next time, law-abiding Choo will go into the train when some of you are coming out!"

I guess I would not have minded at if I had the time to kill. But I had wanted to reach Braddell Heights Community Centre by 7.00p.m. so that I could lend a helping hand to arrange the chairs and music stand for our string ensemble. Now I have a phobia that the train will move off before I could enter. I find myself trying to enter the train when some passengers have come out of the train, leaving a few slow ones to trail along. As they say, "Once bitten, twice shy".

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