Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yours Truly, Uniquely Singapore!

Although I like the coffee and bread with butter and kaya at Killiney Road Kopitiam which is located at Killiney Road, I hardly patronise the cafe. It is usually very warm inside as there are only a few fans on the walls. Once a friend invited me to the cafe and I kept wiping the beads of perspiration on my forehead. The heat was enhanced by the toasting of bread in the kitchen.

I would look around and was amazed at how happy and contented customers were at the cafe, enjoying the food and drinks. No one complained about the warmth and heat.! However, if customers should find the airconditioning a little warm in a supposedly airconditioned restaurant, they would make a lot of noise!

Hence, I am now extremely happy because some of the franchisees of Killiney Road Kopitiam and Ya Kun Kaya are located in shopping malls and hence I can enjoy my food and coffee in cool airconditioning.

If Killiney Road Kopitiam wants to keep the fans, the operators should at least have ceiling fans which give better ventilation.

Gan Chau

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