Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happiness is ......(6)

I have always told my friends and relatives that perhaps God must love dogs the most. Theologically I do not have any evidence, but only imagination provides me with the evidence. For dogs are always so loving, and best of all, loving unconditionally. You may be the fattest, ugliest or most insecure of human beings; but to your dog you are everything! For dogs are always so forgiving. They bear no grudges and come to you immediately even after being punished. I remember chiding my pet, Kamlette, and she lowered her head with sadness. The moment I said, "Ok! You are forgiven!" Kamlette ran to me and licked me all over the face, as if saying, "Thanks, I love you!" Dogs score top marks in faithfulness! I would not blame a friend of mine who said, "I have more faith in my dog than in my spouse!"

Hence when I recieved an email from Rev. Samuel Sia which shows the above u-tube song, I was so thrilled that someone shares the same thoughts as me.

For readers who have a phobia for dogs, I would encourage to try and overcome your phobia. For readers who have yet experience the joy of having a dog as a pet, I would encourage you to have one. Having a pet is therapeutic, and it has been established that pet owners are more inclined to have better health.

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