Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happiness is ...... (7)

I was thrilled when I received an email response to my latest article, "A Time and Season for Everything ..." Wow I have just got to know Constance quite recently, through my client, Geok Sim. Constance is such a mountain of encouragement, clearly a lady endowed with the spirit of Barnabas, the apostle known for his gift of encouragement.!

Letters as the one below always make me very happy, and lift me to great heights of joy. They spur me on to try harder to improve, to change my mindset, and to scale new heights.

Yes, Constance, I will first of all, go for the much-prolonged and delayed visit to my doctor and eventually to a specialist to check on the pain in my left leg and hip. I am now determined to embark on a course of doing something to improve my health and well-being so that I can continue to do the things I enjoy.

Thanks Constance for your encouragement and I am sure your letter will also encourage my readers to soar to greater heights of trying out new things and living life to the fullest!

Dear Choo Choo,

You have indeed done many things. I do not even have the stamina to do any marathons or climbing stairs. Just reading yr entry makes me a bit tired..heheh.

U have also travelled well. Congrats.But please Choo Choo
DO NOT GIVE UP......do let me tell u that my mother in law is 61 this yr.She learned to roller blade in her 50s.
She can also dive and recently has returned from a skiing trip.

My husband's step father is 67. This January, he had a skiing trip of a lifetime.
He went heli skiing in Canada.
Many weekends in Sydney, when U ask what they have done, they will tell U some cycling..when in fact it would like 40km-50km.

When I was in France, I met my Danish friend's parents. 70 yr old mother who was a Professor in a university but retired and took up a second career blowing glass....not kidding.

His father, then was 72..would go walking each day in the french country side and twice a yr would go to Venice and one other country for the arts exhibition. Somehow, these folks never seem to know that they are old.
I am sure you too can conquer the pains in yr joints.
My mother in law believes in "If U don't use it, you would lose it "

I hope it is OK that I reply to yr blog. I am not sure if replying in this email is OK.
DO let me know if I have breached protocol OK?

Warmest Regards
Constance from Rainy Perth

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