Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Time and Season For Everything ....

Recently, I had excruciating pain in my left leg. The pain had been with me for some time, and I noticed that I could not walk for too long a distance without sitting down for a little while. Yet I am still happy and thankful. I am grateful that I had done most, if not all, of the things that I had wanted to do. I guess there is a time and season for everything.

I am taking my eldest sister to Korea this January as she has always wanted to see snow. Though I might be tempted to try and ski, I should refrain from doing so. I am thankful that I had learnt to ski when I was studying in Canada, and would say that I was quite good at the sport, although I had never skied prior to going to the beautiful land with four seasons.

Now when I see announcements about marathons and big walk, I am glad that I had participated in so many walking and sporting events. My ex-student, Choon Mui and I participated in events organised by the New Paper, and other various organisations. Now I laugh as I recall the time we had participated in an event which we thought was a 10 km run. However, as we kept going towards Changi, we became quite puzzled. We asked an officer on duty and he told us that it was a 22 km run! Both of us persevered and completed the race! There was also the time we participated in the first vertical marathon - climbing 1336 steps of the then Westin Hotel at City Hall. I still have the T-shirt on which were printed the words, "I climbed the world's highest hotel and took the lift down." What a great 360 degree view from the helipad!

Probably after taking sister to Korea, I would not want to be travelling long distance again. I am contented with having travelled to 38 countries the past two decades. I remember having told a fellow traveller at the Great Wall of China that I was glad I could have the opportunity to climb the Wall, for if I were to travel later, it would be too tedious. There were 24 of us in the tour group, and although we ate well, all of us lost weight as there was much walking and climbing! A 55 year old lady has much less energy than a 35 year old lady! It would appear that once we pass the age of 40, every five years make a difference in terms of energy and strength.

I am glad that I had also put in all my effort to complete my projects in my toastmasters' program and am now on the last leg of my journey towards achieving the Distinguished Toastmasters' certificate. Now with my limited energy, I find it quite tiring to have long days. I prefer to stay at home to laze before the television in the evenings, or to write and read. Perhaps as an agent, I have to answer so many phone calls and hence I just want to be quiet when I am at home. If I were not watching any television serial or program, I ejoyed playing the violin or piano, or spending time in the kitchen to cook a dish for a toastmasters' meeting. Of course, there is that daily few minutes of tending to the herbal plants which I grow outside of my apartment. Any activity so long as I don't have to speak.!

Perhaps Toby will be the last dog that I am dog sitting as I find it tiring to bend down to shower her. Now with my increasing backaches and pain in the leg, it is not the most ideal to keep pets. Am glad that I had the joy of keeping 3 dogs as pets. The love of Kamlette, Kambobo and Kam Xiaobai will be forever etched in my memory!

Hence, I would encourage all my readers to make full use of their time and youthfulness. Do not procrastinate, for time flies. Before you realise it, ten years have passed by and yet another decade more. Plan your time well, and be vigilant with the use of your time. At times, just do it! Grab every opportunity that presents itself! Carpe diem! Seize the moment! Live life to the fullest! There is a time and season for everything!

Gan Chau

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