Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happiness is .....(4)


The cute bulldogs I met at Pacific Mansion, while waiting for clients.

A handsome husky! I just love huskies!

A beautifully groomed and pampered Shih Tzu.

The affectionate and self-appointed guard dog of brother's condominium, Vista Ria, in Penang. Edward, a stray, became the lucky mascot and guard dog. Everyone dotes on him.

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I just love dogs and always feel happy when I am with one. After my three pets, Kamlette, Kambobo and Kam Xiaobai passed away, I was always on the look out for dogs and hope to meet one when I was walking along the road. I notice that in some residential estates there are more dogs than others.

Hence it was a great joy for me when I came across an owner walking her two bull dogs at Pacific Mansion. The dogs were only 10 months old and hence were very active, innocent and friendly. Another owner was walking her husky. Even though I had to wait for my clients for almost 25 minutes, I was cheerful and thankful, for it would have been my umpteenth visit to Pacific Mansion, and it was the first time I met the bull dogs and husky. After watching the movie, "Ironwill", a true story about a young man's determination to win the race across Canada with his pack of huskies, I grew to be fond of the breed. Huskies look like they have eyeshadows above and below their eyes! God is so creative....He creates dogs with unique beauty and assets. Some dogs like the bull dogs and my little Toby make me laugh whenever I see them for they look so cute and adorably stupid. But mind you, they are very intelligent.

In countries like America, England, France, Canada and Australia, I met even more dogs whenever I was out in the parks. Once I was in Melbourne and second sister, Ean Ean, took me to the park. There were so many dogs with their owners out for a morning walk, and I found myself patting and talking to these dogs and their owners, much to my sister's dismay. "Choo, are you really out for a morning walk, or morning talk".

"Both, sis," I replied as I started running.

I wish more people in Singapore would grow to love and appreciate dogs. It would help to increase their happiness index to some degree.

Gan Chau

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