Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happiness is ......(3)





I had always found it pleasing to shop at my favourite supermarket, Sheng Siong. When Sheng Siong had fewer outlets, I used to drive all the way to Bedok to buy some groceries!

Hence, I was delighted to find a Sheng Siong outlet when I moved to Little India. Now that Tekka Mall has been
renovated, it has been replaced with a new name, "The Verge".

With the new renovation, the space has increased and it is a pleasure walking through the wide aisles of neatly arranged goods. Best of all, Sheng Siong has now added a new section - flowers, flowering plants and all related paraphernalia, eg. pots, fertilisers, windmill, etc. The bright and lovely colours have made the supermarket even more pleasant to shop in! The above pictures are evidence of what shoppers can find when they are at the supermarket. The price of the plants and paraphernalia is most reasonable.

Frankly speaking, I dislike grocery shopping, but now I find myself looking forward to shopping for grocery. Happiness is walking through the aisle of flowers and lovely plants. Before, I used to rush to Sheng Siong and to rush back home, but now I take a little longer to smell and admire the flowers!
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