Thursday, September 03, 2009

Happiness is ......(5)


Miss Lim Choo Li, looking resplendent and graceful in her Chinese outfit.

Miss Lim with her dexterity and musicality, transports her audience to another world!
Miss Lim, sharing a short testimony.

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Mr. Yan Yin Wing, my violin teacher, passed me a brochure and invited me to a lunch time concert by Lim Choo Li. She specialises in guzheng performance. And wow! What a terrific display and mastery of the Chinese instrument.!

The 45 minutes concert with free admission, was organised by Grace (SCC) Church at Queen Street, and the audience was mesmerised by the music. I love the piece, "The Dusk Song of Fishing Boats" by Lou Shu Hua. When Choo Li played "Jesus Loves Me" on the guzheng, I was in tears. This was the first time I heard my favourite hymn played by such a talented musician on the guzheng. The music was just heavenly!

Braddell Heights Community Centre also conducts beginners' course in guzheng. I have always wanted to learn to play the guzheng. Maybe I will wait until I have passed my Grade 5 violin and then start learning the Chinese instrument.

What is life without music! Music makes my world go round! It makes my world more colorful and beautiful! What a wonderful way to spend lunch time.! If I could go for lunch time concerts everyday, I should be able to shed more weight when I bask in the enjoyment of the performance, and spend less time on eating! :-)

Lunch time concert, anyone?

Gan Chau

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