Sunday, March 14, 2010

All that glitter and jazz!


With Lily, Amu and Vanessa. If you want to know who the pretty girl is behind
Amu, you have to join DWG! Intrigued?

Amu and I flanked between the alluring "Cat-Girl and Mr. Chris Koh in his full armour!

"Look, aren't the ladies in my harem beautiful?" asked Mrs. Wee with her finger pointing for emphasis.

Serene Teng going for my neck! Help! Murderer!:
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Yesterday evening was our company's, Dinner and Dance at the Ballroom in the newly renovated Mandarin Hotel at Orchard Road. The theme? Movie Night!

As usual, Amu has been my invited guest for all these functions. Amu surprised me with her gift of a lovely Punjabi suit. I told Amu that she is Miss Vasantham and I am Miss Fat Bollywood! Amu knows that I hate to fork out $50 to $100 to rent the fancy clothes, which have to be returned in equally good condtiion after the event.
Amu's Punjabi outfit costs less than $50 and at the end of the evening, I get to keep it too!

Wow! With the agents mostly dressed in various costumes which depict some of the movie characters, it was an interesting night! Many of us were mesmerized by the glitter and jazz!

Dan Thompson entertained us with his antics and great voice. We were impressed with his impersonation of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and his rendition of some Chinese songs. Dan danced and tapped. He is such a talented and versatile entertainer!

The agents selected for their unique outfits had to impress four tables of judges by singing and performing. The contest surely revealed that agents are not only adept at selling houses but are equally versatile too.

I will post more pictures instead of writing, for a picture tells a thousand words. Hope they will also convince you that Dennis Wee Group is indeed a fun company to be in. As agents, we work hard and play hard. Letting our hair down now and then will certainly help to preserve our sanity in an otherwise most tough and challenging profession!

Gan Cao

Gan Cao

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Anonymous said...

Dennis Wee Group is indeed a fun company to be in - only for agents, but not for staff. :)

It is not a fun company to work in. :(