Friday, March 12, 2010

Have you seen your new casino?

"Have you seen your new casino that was reported in the news? How is it?" asked my ex-university mate, Christine, in her email from Edmonton, Canada.

"No, have not seen it and I guess, will never see it as long as there is still the $100 levy to be paid. You know lah. What a stingy poker I am, or for want of a better word, an exceedingly frugal lady", I replied.

I guess we must be the first country in the world to have this levy. Of course, the Authorities have good intention to discourage our locals from having an easy leeway into the magnificent buildings and bright lights. I had been to the casinos in Monaco, Melbourne and Genting Highlands, but had not gambled at all, as I find gambling boring. It was more of a touristic experience.

Perhaps the Authorities could consider issuing a one time pass to Singaporeans. This pass will enable curious folks like me to have a look at the casinos inside out, so that when our friends from overseas ask us, we will not be such greenhorns.
The pass is only a one time ticket, like a voting ticket, and is limited to one to two hours to look around. I think, maybe an hour would suffice if the Authorities are worried that some people will try to gamble.

I belong to the older generation who has been trained to be frugal. $100/- can feed my orphan in Nepal for two and a half months. I do not mind to pay over a $100 to watch a good Opera, but it will make my heart bleed to fork out $100 just to see the bright lights and different machines for gambling.

Gan Cao

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you 100%, Choo Choo. I took a quick look in the casinos in Macau, Las Vegas and Reno when I was there for the same touristic reasons, but woudn't pay $100 to do it.

James Dunlap
Hong Kong