Monday, March 29, 2010

When Less is More ......(1)

Very often people think that more is always better. However, at times, this is not
necessarily the case. There are times when less is more or even better. I can think of two examples for now.

One of the reasons why I do not take to buffet now is simply for the reason that more does not necessarily mean the best enjoyment. Usually there is such a huge assortment of food that at the end of the meal you enjoy your food. However, compared to a simple meal of say, nasi lemak or chicken rice, you actually feel more satiated (at least I do). Sambal chilli, fried assam fish or chicken, crispy ikan bilis with peanuts and slice of fresh cucumbers with freshly cooked rice with coconut milk are enough for me to thoroughly enjoy a simple yet profound meal!

After a buffet, I feel extremely full because of the tendency to overeat. However, I feel I enjoy portions of food on its own right combination. Less is certainly more! Food tastes great when eaten with the right combination. For eg. Sharks fin soup tastes good on its own in a 9 course meal, but if taken with nasi lemak or chicken rice, it loses its "oomph!"

Another example of when less is more. People often ask me how I maintain a healthy glow to my complexion. They are often surprised when I tell them that I do not apply any cream to my face when I am at home. After washing the face, I do not apply any more cream especially if I do not sleep in an air conditioned room. Many ladies have the tendency to plaster their faces with cream the whole day and night,
hence depriving the skin of "breathing" on its own. It is ironical that beauty saloons will try to coax their customers to spend lots of money on so-called "oxygen treatment" when oxygen is free and ladies can make use of this by not applying cream on their faces when they are at home.!

Rememmber, more does not always mean "better" because sometimes, less is more!

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