Monday, March 29, 2010

Excuse Me, Are You a Property Agent?....(20)

My new agent recruit, Adeline, is focused. Though new, she has been able to close a few cases, despite holding a part time job. I guess this is always the strength of ladies - they are often quite good at multi-tasking.

Adeline had arranged to meet me at an apartment at Cairnhill Road, but her client cancelled at the last minute. She felt bad and wanted to come over to my apartment to pick me up. I decided to invite her for buffet lunch so that I could also take the opportunity of talking to her about things other than work. Coincidentally, my client also cancelled his appointment and I was quite happy. Why should we get upset when things don't turn up the way we have expected. I have learnt to always
flow along with the tide of the day's events, and to make the most of it.

During lunch, Adeline asked me an interesting question.

"Do you feel it is a waste of your tertiary education now that you are in the property line.? After all, to be an agent, one does not need to have a degree."

I told Adeline that as a teacher, my experiences have actually put me in good stead of being successful in this line. After all, I would need to use the skill of understanding, psychology of sales, art of speaking, patience, tact and knowledge when I market a property. Hence it is inter-related. I guess there is always a time and season for everything. If I had not lost my voice, why, I would still be in the classroom with young, active teenage students.

Adeline shared with me about a taxi driver who actually is a PH.D holder. Wow! What a learned taxi driver! Dr. Cai Mingjie is a brilliant scientist who has lost his job. A reader has wondered if he has chosen to drive a taxi out of defiance, or as a way to be different. I wonder what Dr. Cai is thinking as he is driving along the busy roads of Singapore. His sharp observation of his customers and his flair for writing in his blog help to make his job a little less dull, but is it not too tedious to be doing something so mechanical as driving and not taxing the brain to the limit? If Dr. Cai, like some other taxi drivers, chose to be quiet, passengers will not blame them. I hate driving and even when taking the train or bus, am somewhat impatient to get to my destination. Hence to kill time and boredom, I would often read my book or the day's newspapers. When I was not reading, I enjoyed
watching the passengers around me.

Dr. Cai's ardent readers had suggested that he should try other options eg. teaching, tutoring, which will help to maximise his earning ability as well as his contribution, both socially as well as academically.

Frankly, my perpetual sore throat had turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for I found my hidden talent in sales.! Best of all, the ability to work not only hard, but smart, has also given me the extra time that I could use for indulging in hobbies I enjoy most eg. blogging, writing, reading, learning new languages, cooking, toastmastering, playing the piano, violin and drum, volunteering, and travelling. Morever, the attractive income has given me the financial freedom to chose when to work or take off from work.

Oh yes! Yes! I am a property agent! And love every moment of my work.!

Gan Cao

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