Monday, March 08, 2010

" I, Very Stupid! "

Oh Dear! First, we have Tiger Woods and now it is our own local "Lion Neo" aka Jack Neo. My second sister Ean Ean and her friends in Melbourne enjoy Jack's movie production, eg. "I, Not Supid" and a host of other titles. I have not had the chance to watch any of Jack's movies yet. The only ones I had seen are "881" and "Lotus 12" because of the musical content.

Lion Neo is a blessed man as he has a wife who knows that forgiveness is the sweetest revenge. By golly, she had even known about her husband's affairs since 12 months ago, and yet kept her cool.! Is nonchalance an ingredient for a marriage to last till death do the couples part? Someone said that when a couple get married, the husband should become deaf and the wife should become blind.

Probably this is one of the reasons why I have chosen to be single, for I am not one to become blind during marriage. As I am a very faithful person, I would expect faithfulness from my partner. It is easier to bank my life on a faithful God, and for many people, it is also easier to bank on a faithful pet dog, than a straying spouse.

Perhaps to show his remorse, Lion Neo should come up with a movie entitled, "I, Very Stupid!", and explore on the pain and sufferings when bread winners stray. As Lion Neo is well known for his humour, he could also inject some humour in this movie. As veteran distinguished toastmaster, Gea Ban Peng, has always said, "A good speech is one that makes the audience laugh and cry, and has a good message for him to carry home. I guess a good movie also has the same ingredients. So Jack Neo aka Lion Neo, how about it? Ponder about it and we look forward to your new movie, "I, Very Stupid!"

Gan Cao

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