Monday, March 15, 2010

A Movie Not To Be Missed!

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In January and Febraury I had been so busy that I hardly had time to watch my favourite Hindi movies at Jade Cinema.

Hence, I recently decided that die, die, must take time to watch "My Name is Khan!"
This will be the shortest movie review I have written.

Suffice to let my readers know that it is value for every cent of the ticket paid. Suffice to let my readers know that if they disagree with me that the movie is worth the tickets they have paid, I will refund them their money. Readers have to write and tell me why the movie is lousy. A little reminder for those who are above 55. You get 50% discount in all movies during non-peak hours.

Voila! Please go and watch "My Name is Khan". A movie that makes you laugh, cry and most importantly, think and reflect on life!

Gan Cao

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