Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My Arty-Farty Relatives

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Yann's handicrafts proudly displayed on my piano. The bunnies are named "Kuai Lerh"
and "Jian Kang". (Happy and Healthy - to remind me to stay happy and healthy each day)

Everyday I thank God for my beloved relatives. Of course, as a homo sapien, I can't say that I am equally fond of everyone. Just as parents would also have some children whom they love slightly more than others, I too have relatives whom I dote with varying degrees. One of my most beloved is my niece Yann.

Yann loves to make handicrafts. Recently when I returned to Penang, I saw two handmade bunnies in Yann's suitcase. I told her I would take them back to Singapore to help sell the bunnies for her. Of course, I wanted them myself, but Yann would never want to charge me for them. A few weeks later I received an email from Yann,

"Dearest Aunty Choo,

Aha! I caught you red handed! You own the bunnies.! I will refund you when we meet and if you insist not to take, then lose it on the table with me on "Cho Tai Tee" :)

I heard you have another round of practice with Tyng and Jeff when they were on transit for one day in Singapore. Even Jeff counldn't stand my cockiness when we played the game in our Vietnam trip. He decided to teach his siblings the game and practice in the States till our next meeting. Ha Ha ha , I shall await the Tua Tai Dee Convention.

I have not thought of names for my bunnies. The doll I named Lucy after the character in the sitcom of " I Love Lucy". The bunnies as Country Bunnies. Would you any idea?

Attachement are pictures of the toys I made. The blue socks creature " Muichi" has even traveled with me to Northern Vietnam of Hanoi and Sapa.

Will show you some of my " Recycled" creations next time."

C U Soon.


Yann is very creative. She makes beautiful things out of scrap materials, papers, etc. When she noticed that I did not have curtains for my windows, she volunteered to make some lovely curtains for me. I only have curtains for the guest room as I appreciate that not everyone likes curtain less rooms! I like the bright light of the sun to shine through the rooms and at night, I like to look out and look at the glittering lights from the tall buildings nearby.

Yann is also good at painting, and is certainly an asset to her husband, Chin Hoe, a successful artist in Malaysia. She is certainly his best critique and helper.

Eldest sister just called me to say that she would start sewing some clothes for me. All that I have to do is to send her designs and patterns and she would sew them for me during her free time.

I fell so richly blessed to have relatives who are so good with their hands. I am always so proud of my arty-farty relatives!

Gan Chao

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