Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Grateful Heart!

I had woken up at 5.30a.m. even though I had gone to bed at 1.30a.m. As usual, I somehow would wake up earlier than the ringing of my alarm at 6.30a.m. every Saturday morning. Maybe it is because I am afraid of being late for my volunteer activities at our toastmasters' speechcraft at Changi Prison.

As I was walking up the steps of Kembangan MRT station, like Humpty Dumpty, I had a great fall.! I fell flat on my tummy with my head almost hitting the granite floor.! Fortunately, my glasses did not break and I got up again, with some kind people anxiously trying to help me and asking me if I was alright. Of late, due to the ringing in my ears and the constant imbalance of my cochleas, I often had dizziness and nauseau. Yet, God in His Goodness, had somehow protected me from any injury despite the heavy fall! The other time was when I fell flat on my tummy while crossing the road in Chinatown. Fortunately, the pedestrian crossing was showing the green man and all the vehicles had come to a halt. Given my present condition, I no longer dare to jay walk. Too risky!

Fortunately, after the speechcraft I was able to hitch a ride from my club member, Ng Cher Khim, who is also a member of Braddell Heights Advanced Toastmasters' Club. I told Cher Khim perhaps I would withdraw from the Club's Table Topics Contest as I was not in top form, given my nauseu. Cher Khim was quite tenacious in his persuasion that I should give it a try and have more exposure to contests.

I drew my favourite number "7" which was in the middle.....neither too early or late. Somehow I sensed that God would give me the desires of my heart and that was not to win the first and second prize, but the third, so that I would not have to participate in the Area Contest, but still have a little trophy to bring home. My tenants, Avinesh and Jasmin, seem to enjoy counting the trophies I have won for both my activities in toastmasters' competitions as well as sales in Dennis Wee Group. I was overjoyed when Cher Khim won the championship with Kyle Hor as 1st runner up. Ang Chew Hoe was the champion for the International Speech Contest, with Kelvin Thiang as first runner up and Kyle Hor as second runner up.

I am always inspired when I see the great improvement by toastmasters. That's the way we are - always goading each other on!

When I found out that it was Luan Eng's birthday, I gave her a simple dinner treat at a nearby kopi tiam (coffee shop).

As I am typing this article, my heart is full of gratitude to God for always blessing me with my heart's desires. No request is too small for Him to entertain.
And if God cares for the little things that concern us, would He not even take care of important and major things like career, family, health, sufficiency, etc.?

Hence, cheer up my dear readers. Always keep a positive outlook for as a man thinks, so will he be!

Gan Chau

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