Sunday, February 01, 2009

Life is Complicated, But Happiness is Simple!

See how beautifully grown are the flowers in Hort Park!





My tenant, Jasmin, is excellent with photography and had captured so many shots of the lovely flowers in Hort Park that it will be a shame if I just store them in my computer. My apologies for not being very clear in my writing. My Canadian buddy, James, wrote to me from Hong Kong, asking if Hort Park is in Singapore or Penang. I then realised that soon after my articles on Penang, I wrote about Hort Park. Hence Jame's confusion is understandable.

A day after we came back to Singapore, we were surprised to learn from Avinesh that he and Jasmin had an extra day of vacation, as their company would only commence work on the 4th day of Chinese New Year. Hence, I decided to bring them on a hike up Telok Blangah Hills all the way to Hort Park.

Whenever I am sad, I would look at flowers. How perfectly and uniquely made! I am reminded of the Lord's words for us not to worry unecessarily, for if He takes care of the wild flowers and the birds of the air, He will surely take care of us! And how true that even the world's most beautiful fabric and clothings cannot be compared to the natural and flawless beauty of flowers.! I love all types of flowers, but my favourites are Peonies, Sunflowers, Bunga Raya, Carnations and Orchids. What a mighty Creator we have.!

After spending 5 days in Penang, we arrived Singapore on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year! What a surprise! We were the only busload of 12 people around at 7.30a.m. What luxury to have the Immigration Officers waiting for us! My brother had bought us tickets with Gunung Raya Travel and we were also surprised that there were only 10 passengers in the bus. The bus driver and his relief were very cautious and I gave them a small ang pow to thank them for their good service. It was a two decker bus and extremely well equipped with headphones and several movies to watch. I watched the videos throughout the journey, and slept for only 2 hours. It was my first time travelling with Gunung Raya and by a double decker bus!

Though this was my shortest trip to Penang, it was one of the most well-planned. I managed to see more places, visited more people and even had the time on the last day to take a walk around my brother's estate to find out how far it would take to walk to the main road to catch buses to the city and to the beaches on the southern part of the island. This would enable me to be more independent the next time when I visit Penang. I dislike troubling my relatives to pick me up from the bus stand. I guess most of us become more productive when we have limited time.

I am still in time to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore, and it has been one party after another! Ouch! My pants are getting tighter and tighter! Hence to the gym, to the gym to burn off the New Year cookies and delicacies!

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