Friday, February 06, 2009

Much Ado About Mandarin Oranges!


Mandarin Oranges of all Sizes!

I have lived on earth for 55 years and 37 days and I have only recently found out something about Mandarin oranges! I was buying some fruits at Tekka Market when I saw some small oranges for sale.

"Are these really sweet?" I asked, somewhat doubtful because of the small size.

"Very sweet! Try one!", coaxed the salesman.

I bought a kilo of the cute oranges. My tenants, Jasmin and Avinesh were also sceptical at first when I offered them the oranges. Now they love puny Mandarin oranges!

"Choo, do you have any extra oranges?", asked my manager, Aveline, as she was driving. She had just picked me up from Raffles Town Club after my exercises at the gym. Frankly I had not wanted to go for New Year celebration at Dr. Wee's house, because I was somewhat lazy, having just returned from Penang. My wonderful manager phoned me and hence I decided to go along with her. Going to Dr. Wee's home also implied bursting my diet plan and I would have to work doubly harder at the gym.

"I have left my presents at home as I thought I was not going for a visit", I said.

"We'll buy from the Esso Petrol Kiosk", Aveline suggested.

However, all the oranges were sold out. Oranges are very important during Chinese New Year for every visitor would at least bring with them two Mandarin oranges. The gold colour of oranges signifies wealth and fortune. In Hokkien, Mandarin oranges are called "kam".

"Actually I have many oranges in my car originally, but I was not satisfied and went back to change for bigger ones. Yet I forgot to bring them!", lamented Aveline.

"Hey, Aveline, tell boss that you have brought the biggest "Kam" with you. My surname is Kam. Tell Dr. Wee that the "kam" you brought is the biggest and the juicest!"

Aveline and Anne, another colleague who was seated in the car, both laughed.

"You're so funny, Choo. You tell Dr. Wee yourself lah", said Aveline.

We tried two more petrol kiosks but all the oranges had been sold out.

"Try Tekka Market!", I suggested.

I bought 8 big oranges and a kilo of small ones. I decided to trick Aveline. I brought out two tiny oranges and said, "Here they are!"

"Xiao (mad) ah. So small. Cannot lah!", Aveline almost fainted.

I brought out the big ones! "So small ah.....they don't have big ones?" continued Aveline.

"Aiyo, so big already, still not big enough meh? Can give a bag of these small ones?", I always enjoy speaking Singlish with my friends.

"Nobody does that. People usually give two big oranges only."

I gave Mrs. Wee two big oranges on arrival, and in return Mrs. Wee gave me two bigger oranges. Big, bigger, biggest!
"Huat!" ah! Prosper!

Having tasted the small oranges, like Avinesh and Jasmin, I will from now onwards buy only the small ones. I am reminded not to judge things by appearances alone, for good things can come in small packages too. Short people can sometimes be cleverer and sharper than tall people. My niece, Tyng, often complains her bust is too small and feels inadequate when she is with tall and big ladies in America. I reminded her that small is dainty and perhaps it is her daintiness and feminine charms that attract her handsome fiance, Jeff, an American, to her.!
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The Malaysian Explorer said...

Interesting story about the mandarins. Cheers!

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