Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wonderful Landscaping!


Avinesh loves the scarecrow!

Plants grown on walls to create a lovely design!

What creativity! A figure made out of flower pots! The flowers look like a pair of sunglasses! Unique!

Indoor plants bloom to enhance the cosiness of the living room.

My neighbour grows beautiful plants and flowers at the corridor of our block of flat. Since moving here, I have become more determined to make my fingers turn from "blue" to "green". I like to grow herbal plants for they are not only beautiful but also provide me with priceless opportunity to consume them, and hence avoid chemical medication.

After Hort Park, I am now even more determined to maintain my green fingers, and even learn to be more creative. I learn that I can use almost any containers to hold the plants. We saw flower and plant containers made out of big coca cola bottles, chambers pots, unwanted cradle, kettles and pots! What a wonderful way to save the earth too!

Gardening is relaxing and therapeutic! What a joy to see a little plant grow into a height 20 times its original height! My nephew, Keong's maid also has green fingers and she had given me some plants to grow, eg. lime, balsam plants, Japanese Rose and Basil which seems to be extra fragrant! I am glad that as Singapore is not an agricultural country, the Authorities do not forbid bringing in of plants, unlike Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Our Authorities are more stringent on drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

I hope the Park or relevant authorities will attempt to grow more types of flowers along the streets, in addition to the bougainvilleas that we can see now. I also hope that more and more residents will also try to grow some plants. A few potted plants will enhance the loveliness and homeliness of your abode!

Gan Chau

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